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Curriculum - Year 1 & 2

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The children in Year 1 and Year 2 learn through cross curricular topic work wherever possible.

There is generally a new topic introduced each half term and all the subjects will be linked to this central idea in some way. Where appropriate, certain areas of History, Geography, RE and PSHE will be taught effectively through English. This ‘whole learning’ approach firstly enables children to apply their skills and transfer their knowledge from one subject to another. Also it helps children to make connections and join up their thinking. Most importantly, it increases children’s confidence, interest, motivation and learning.

Phonics and Maths lessons are taught as separate subjects and phonics is ability grouped across the year. The learning is tailored to the children’s individual needs.

Academic subjects are mostly taught in the mornings whilst active and practical subjects are taught in the afternoons. During the afternoons, the children have an exciting programme of hands-on Science, Art, ICT, Design Technology, French, Music, Drama, Dance, Forest School, Swimming, Tennis and Games.

The children enjoy a very full and educational curriculum.

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Hazlegrove Stories

More stories

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