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The investigative ‘hands-on’ approach to learning science reflects the importance the department places on children finding things out for themselves. 

At Hazlegrove our aim is to ignite the curiosity and capture the imagination of pupils in the subject of science.

We believe that a curriculum with a strong emphasis on practical skills and hands-on exploration develops a questioning nature in our pupils. Opportunities to further enrich and nurture a scientific awareness through trips, visits and projects play a huge part of every child’s development at Hazlegrove.

“Science has the power to spark excitement into the hearts of all students. As scientists we are fortunate to be able to use this as a tool to inspire a love of the subject.

Having the opportunity to help children develop an awareness of the world and encourage them to use their skills, knowledge and imagination to become the innovators of the future is a very exciting prospect.

Mr Brown- Head of Science

We are an ambitious department that challenge ourselves to provide pupils with a curriculum that is continually updated and relevant to current scientific concepts and developments. We aim for our pupils to leave not only with a robust knowledge and understanding of the world around them, but also the skills to find out more for themselves. This is the essence of being a scientist.

We utilise three well-equipped labs as well as the specialist “Rainbow Room” in the Pre-Prep. Every opportunity is taken to make full use of the fantastic grounds, including the woods and pond.



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Hazlegrove Stories

More stories

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