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In the English department we have three priorities: reading, reading and reading!

We want, above all, to instil in our children a love of reading that will benefit them beyond measure in their future education and bring them lifelong enjoyment. In an age where very few things are fixed and tangible, reading, by whatever means, will always be at the heart of the human experience. Whether, like Jane Eyre, we sink into a book to escape current problems and difficulties, or we pick up something new to learn, imagine, relax, challenge, laugh, cry or wonder about, a book is invariably the answer.

We study a range of contemporary and classic fiction, non-fiction and poetry; from the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt to the futuristic worlds of modern sci-fi; from the letters of Churchill to the slums of Dickens’ London; from the trenches of the First World War to 1984 to Hogwarts and beyond.

Allied to this over-branching philosophy is the development of the other key skills of writing to explain, explore, persuade, argue, describe and entertain. We value the skills of speaking and listening, incorporating drama into all our schemes of work, and we ensure that the traditional teaching of the formal rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar is practised rigorously.

When visiting Hazlegrove, please ask to see our wonderful library and English in action in one of our classrooms. We are sure you will be surprised and delighted.




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Hazlegrove Stories

More stories

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