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The well-being of our children is the most important aspect of school life at Hazlegrove. As a team of adults, caring for children, we continually strive to keep the children and their happiness, in the forefront of all that we do, think and say. 

We ensure that our boarding environment is one where:

  • there is a genuine family-feel
  • there is a trusting and safe environment where everyone feels that they can be the best person they were intended to be
  • a community flourishes, that includes others and encourages the involvement of parents, non-resident staff and day children alike.  

Mr Schreiber (the Head of Boarding and Senior Boys' Houseparent) and Mr Forbes (the Boarding Co-ordinator and Junior Boys' Houseparent) oversee and co-ordinate all aspects of the boarding. They support the other Houseparents and the matrons who also have an important pastoral role in addition to looking after the practical needs of the pupils.

Houseparents live in accommodation within each of the houses. Additionally, Blackford and Lankester have resident matrons whilst School House is home to a number of gap students. With other houses in the grounds being home to staff and their families, it means there are over 30 adults resident at the school. House parents are on duty five nights out of seven with resident members of staff being responsible on the other evenings.


At 6.00pm, when most (but not all) of the day pupils have gone home, the boarders change into their home clothes and have tea together.

After tea the children then have a programme of supervised activities using the sports facilities, art and design room, fields and woods. There is extra prep for those in Year 7 and 8 and also supervised music practice for all those who learn a musical instrument. A late supper is then available for the senior pupils before returning to the houses.

Each year group returns to their boarding house at their alloted time to shower, change into their bedclothes before enjoying a short while in the common room playing games, chatting or doing a jigsaw. Its then time for bed so, after cleaning teeth, they settle down with 15-30 minutes of quiet time - the children might be read a story or they may just read to themselves before lights out.


The school manages its own catering. This gives us the freedom to purchase food of our choice and buy local produce where we can. Our catering team make nearly everything from raw ingredients and are careful to ensure that pupils with particular dietary needs are well looked after.

All meals are eaten in the school dining with staff sitting at the end of tables at breakfast and tea, taking care to encourage pupils to eat a balanced diet and to have consideration for others eating with them.

Lunch is a canteen style service with choices of hot or cold meals whereas the boarders' main evening meal at 6pm is a more formal time, when the children sit on their allocated table and food is served by the staff members sitting at the tables. Senior pupils also enjoy a late supper in the dining room before they go up to their dormitories.


The first and last weekends of each term are ‘In-Weekends’ where all boarders remain in school and take part in a busy weekend of activities, some of which are off site.

We also have two exeat weekends a term where school ends at 4pm on Friday. All pupils are expected to go out for the weekend whether it be with their parents, grandparents, friends or guardians.

On the other weekends, about half the boarders stay in school and enjoy a mix of activities and trips out over the course of the term.

Activities range from utilising all the facilities on site such as go-karting, cooking, swimming, squash, tennis, dance, art, DT, ICT, hockey, football, board games, table-tennis, table-football, modelling, Warhammer, basketball, badminton, adventure playground, 40/40, Capture the Flag, benchball, Manhunt, Dover Patrol to trips off site including the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Splashdown, Bird Sanctuary, Wookey Hole, the coast, Wells, Exmoor, dry skiing and Exeter Chiefs to name but a few.

We are simply bowled over by the care, the professionalism, love and attention you have all showed to our son and us.

Parents living overseas.

Boarding videos

We have created a number of short videos of weekend activities which we have complied together into a playlist to share with you.  You can watch the videos back to back or click on the playlist icon in the top left corner of the screen to choose which one you want to view!

Do scroll through the album below or click here to see the photos in Flickr


Hazlegrove Stories

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