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Art and DT are exciting and vibrant areas of the curriculum, at Hazlegrove we work hard to ensure the projects and learning opportunities are genuine with relevant outcomes.

Located in the heart of the school, the newly refurbished and extended Art and Design Centre is a bold statement about the school’s belief in nurturing creativity.

The Art Department is an exciting and dynamic hub of activity where light and space abound. It encourages the children to respond creatively to all that is around them and to express themselves using a wide variety of media including textiles, ceramics and computer driven Design Technology.

Design Technology projects include using smart materials such as thermochromic (heat-changing) paints and 3D printing. The children produce a wide range of work including iPad speakers, dark activated night lights, USB memory sticks and also take part in challenging engineering competitions, such as the Flying Start Challenge.

The department is a vibrant and invigorating place in which children are encouraged to explore their creative interests and the wide range of artistic media on offer.

A dedicated and fully-equipped Food Technology room gives pupils hands-on understanding of the preparation of food and first-hand experience of unscheduled
eating, as well as the inevitable washing up that follows.


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Hazlegrove Stories

More stories

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