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History at Hazlegrove is more than an antiquarian collection of dates and facts – it’s a much more organic and meaningful process. It is an exploration of the human condition, our morality and the way we live today. Children are encouraged to explore concepts and think for themselves. History is a very much hands-on area of the curriculum.

There has never been a better time to teach and learn History. The department take fullest advantage of all the ICT developments that are relevant to the teaching of the subject. Smartboards are widely used to bring to life the richness of the past and to allow the diversity of information to fill the classroom. 

In the Pre-Prep we encourage a fascination for the past and engender an inquisitive desire to ask questions and find the right answers. As the children in the Pre-Prep and Lower School are taught mainly by their form teachers, the syllabus can be delivered with impressive flexibility, offering the opportunity for genuine cross-curricular study.

From Year 6 onwards, the children look at the complex issues of reliability and usefulness, making their own judgements and forming opinions as they progress through the varied subject matter. The, often neglected, art and science of essay writing is also explored and the department works very closely with RE and English to reinforce these critical skills. This is vital, as extended writing is the prime vehicle for expressing historical knowledge and understanding. The children are encouraged to be bold and argumentative within their essays, forming meaningful and sustainable opinions.

At all stages, we seek to encourage a love of the subject matter, but more importantly a love of the act of enquiry – finding out something for the first time and forming attitudes for yourself is very special. We engender a wide range of knowledge and skills, which are then used to augment a genuine understanding of the past and the contemporary world. By the time they leave it is the department’s sincerest hope that the children have learnt to think for themselves, possess real opinions and are able to express these for all to see.

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Hazlegrove Stories

More stories

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