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The Prep Curriculum for children aged 7 - 13

The Prep Curriculum for children aged 7 - 13

The curriculum has a real, hands-on feel where children participate and are not just spectators. We are passionate about developing in the children, genuine awe, wonder and curiosity at the complexities of life and the world about us - past, present and future.

The breadth and balance in the curriculum give pupils an opportunity to get excited about the lessons they have each day.

Activity and investigation enable pupils to learn to think for themselves and to solve problems. We hope that they can begin to see that failure and getting it wrong are just as important as getting it right. 

We are so happy with Hazlegrove and feel very blessed that our children have the opportunity to learn in such a wonderfully inspiring setting

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The heart of prep school education is expressed in one word, preparatory. The curriculum at Hazlegrove prepares children for the next phases of their lives, for the demands of a more specialised senior education and, in the longer term, to be able to meet the challenges of the workplace and to thrive in their personal and professional lives, understanding their responsibilities in making the world a better place. In Year 4, pupils join the rest of the Prep School in attending school on Saturday mornings from which the children benefit in a myriad of ways; whether it be the space this creates over the course of a week to explore topics and interests to the pressure that this removes from having to fit everything in from Monday to Friday. 

The traditional academic disciplines, including Latin, are complimented by Music and Drama, Art and Design and Outdoor Education, as well as a varied Sports programme. Computers and ICT are seen as a vital component of Hazlegrove education but never as an end in themselves. 

Humanities take place in the Fitzjames building, a fantastic, flexible and innovative addition to the teaching space whose light, bright classrooms open on to first floor gallery and full height atrium where a huge globe hangs from the ceiling; broad steps double as informal seating. 

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We believe that many of the most important aspects of education cannot be measured. We value honesty, compassion, respect for our neighbours and their property. We aim to win and lose with equal grace and to be quick to say thank you and well done.

Pupils' progress is monitored from an early age to ensure that potential is fulfilled and any difficulties are identified as early as possible. This progress is regularly assessed, both formally and informally, and parents are kept up-to-date about levels of effort and attainment through the reporting system and pattern of regular parent-teacher meetings. Parents are encouraged to discuss their children's progress with staff at any time.

Pupils are prepared for entry to a wide range of senior schools and considerable success is achieved on the scholarship front. They gain entry either through the Common Entrance or Scholarship examinations and awards gained may be Academic, Sport, Music, Art, DT, Drama or All Round.

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