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We seek to help all pupils with either special educational needs, or specific learning difficulties, to achieve their individual potential and to feel confident within the school community.

The unit is situated in the heart of the school in the Fitzjames building. 

The Objectives of the unit are:

  • To apply a whole school policy to meeting each child’s individual needs
  • To provide different levels of intervention to match the child’s need
  • To ensure that all staff are aware of every child’s individual needs

Children are helped through:

  • Early intervention and assessment to address difficulties
  • Structured, multi-sensory, cumulative programmes incorporating IT
  • Identification of small steps for success
  • Revision, over-learning and reinforcement
  • Promotion of self-esteem
  • Improved access to the curriculum

The five highly qualified, specialist staff:

  • Assess pupils to diagnose any learning difficulties
  • Provide specialist teaching; either individually, in small groups, or in class, in response to identified needs.
  • Help classroom teachers to identify and make provision, through classroom differentiation and support, for children with special education needs.
  • Keep Individual Education Plans under review for all pupils in the unit.
  • Plan and implement interventions following the advice of outside agencies.

Communication with parents

Particulars regarding the education and welfare provision for all pupils in the Learning Support Unit (including any who may have a statement) are made available to their parents through:

  • Termly parents' meetings
  • Regular liaison
  • An open door policy
  • Annual reviews for those with statements of special needs
  • Termly reports

We aim to provide for the child according to their needs and to meet recommendations of any statement.

Click on the image below to download the Hazlegrove Local Offer

The full learning support policy is available for inspection on request to the Head of Learning Support.

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Hazlegrove Stories

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