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FAQs: All you need to know about Boarding

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Below, we have listed some frequently asked questions and their answers which you may find useful.  However, we do not see this as a substitute to answering your questions directly so do please contact us should you have any questions about the boarding at Hazlegrove - we will be very happy to talk to you and answer any questions we can. 

How many boarders are there at Hazlegrove?

There are currently around 100 boarders at Hazlegrove, not including those children who only board one or two nights a week. 

What is the balance between girl and boy boarders?

Whilst we have the capacity to have over 100 boarders in the school, the girls boarding house is limited to just over 40 so there are a few more boys than girls.

Can my child weekly board?

In Year 3, the boarders can go home on Friday evening.  For Year 4 and above, there is Saturday morning school and so the children are allowed to go out of school at the end of lessons at 12.45pm or after their sports match commitments on Saturday afternoon, if applicable. The exceptions to this are the in-weekends and the exeat weekends. 

How old are the youngest boarders?

Children are allowed to board at Hazlegrove from the age of 7 when they join Year 3.  However, some families prefer their children to start boarding when they are a bit older so generally we have children joining the boarding community in most, if not all year groups each year.

Can my child start boarding in the summer term?

We are very happy for pupils to join the boarding in the Summer Term, but this is dependent on space availability in the classroom and the boarding house. If space is not available for the Summer Term, there will most probably be space available in the following September.

What is an "In-Weekend"

The first and last weekend of each term at Hazlegrove are in-weekends for the boarders. These are weekends when all the boarders are expected to remain in school, participate in the activities and enjoy special occasions such as the Christmas Feast. These weekends are excellent for developing the sense of community amongst the boarders.

What is an "Exeat" Weekend?

Exeat weekends are when the school closes for the weekend. All pupils go out for the weekend at 4pm after school on Friday and return on Sunday between 6pm and 7.30pm. Occasionally if an exeat weekend coincides with a Bank Holiday weekend, the exeat will be extended to include the Monday. Exeat dates are published at least a year in advance in the termly calendar and on the website.

Can my child "Flexi-Board"

Flexi-boarding and occasional boarding are possible providing there is a bed available in the boarding house. Some children will board on the same night(s) each week and others may stay for a week here and there if their parents have work or other commitments elsewhere.

When does my child have to return to school after a weekend?

Those boarders who have been out for a weekend either return on Sunday evening or Monday morning as arranged with the house parents. 

How many boarders stay in school at the weekend?

Apart from the in-weekends when all the boarders are in school, we would normally expect a good number of boarders to remain in school at the weekend (around 50-60). The programme for the weekend's activities is usually published in advance on the website. 

What proportion of the school is boarding?

Around one third of the prep school pupils are boarders - that is around one third of pupils from Year 3 (age 7) upwards. The proportion is generally higher in the older age groups than in the younger ones. Due to the nature of the day at Hazlegrove with many day pupils staying for after-school activities and boarding on an occasional basis, the difference between day and boarding pupils is largely seamless.


Are there many international pupils at Hazlegrove?

We have a small number of international pupils who contribute to the rich and diverse life at Hazlegrove. Our overseas pupils currently make up less than 15% of the boarding community.

Does my child require a guardian?

Only pupils whose parents are resident outside the UK require a guardian, our full policy regarding guaridans is available on the website. However, the house parents should be informed if parents are away from home for a significant period and advised who will be acting "in loco parentis" if applicable. 

What is the school's policy on mobile phones and other electronic equipment?

Mobile phones are not allowed at any time by day pupils or boarders. Any phones required by pupils travelling to and from school should be handed in to their houseparents on arrival.

Much thought has been given to the use and accessibility of other electronics for the boarders. As a school, our ethos embraces traditional values and encourages all our boarders to be actively engaged both physically and socially. We endeavour to give the boarders a fun, stimulating and varied programme of activities during the evenings and throughout the weekend.

As such, only Year 7 and 8 boarders are allowed electronics within the school. This is a senior privilege and is simply limited to iPods, Kindles or an iTouch. Laptops and iPads will not be allowed unless required for learning support or at the direction of the school. We appreciate overseas children will undoubtedly bring with them various electronics in transit; these should be handed in to their houseparents on arrival to school.

These devices are purely for use over the weekend and the children are only allowed them post match tea on a Saturday and during the day on a Sunday at appropriate times.

With a continued busy and active programme, their use will be minimal, but at the same we appreciate they are part of modern day society for young people and that responsible use is part of their education before entering the senior school world.

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