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Great Stories Begin With Creativity...

Unlocking the World of Computing

At Hazlegrove our computing curriculum encompasses the three key strands of the UK National Curriculum: Information Technology (IT), Programming, and Digital Literacy.

Information Technology (IT): Our pupils gain a thorough understanding of IT concepts, from using Excel spreadsheets to making podcasts and video clips.

Programming: We ignite the passion for coding early on by creating games and animations using Purple Mash and Scratch. In Upper School, pupils graduate to Python text programming and making apps.

Digital Literacy: Digital literacy is at the core of our curriculum. We empower our pupils to be critical thinkers, responsible digital citizens, and effective communicators in the digital world.

Fostering Digital Geniuses

Our Digital Genius Scheme allows pupils to shine as tech leaders. They volunteer to assist peers and teachers, making sure we are getting the most out of our tech.

Minecraft Education for Teamwork and Creativity

We harness the power of Minecraft Education to promote teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity through collaborative programming projects. 

iPads Across the Curriculum

Our pupils use iPads as dynamic learning tools across all subjects, enhancing engagement and interactive learning. By Year 6 they have their own device which allows them to carry out research and complete classroom tasks using a wide range of apps including iMovie, Book Creator and GarageBand

Prepared for Senior Schools

We ensure our children are ready for the future. With Office 365 and Teams, they learn valuable skills in organising, collaborating, and sharing work, setting them up for success in senior schools and beyond.

Staying Safe Online

At Hazlegrove we are committed to fostering a safe and responsible digital environment. eSafety is a crucial part of our computing provision. Our eSafety curriculum empowers pupils to navigate the digital world responsibly, recognize potential online risks, and make informed decisions. 

In computing and PSHE lessons, we regularly engage in open discussions about online safety, cyberbullying prevention, and the importance of protecting personal information. By instilling these principles from Pre-Prep to Year 8, we equip our pupils with the knowledge and values to be responsible digital citizens.