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The boarders "Cracking Crewkerne"on a "terrific treasure hunt!"


Sherlock Holmes would have been proud of our powers of deduction and our sense of adventure as we combed the streets of Crewkerne looking for the answers to the 40 question Scavenger Hunt that Inspector Shaw had set us.

This task was not for the faint-hearted, we had an encounter with Sweeney Todd and found ourselves in the back alleys searching for tattoo parlours. Amongst this pulsating and adrenaline pumping exercise there was some time for reflection and a moment to gather our thoughts as our mission led us up to the stunning and serene St Bartholomew church. Here we had to find the ugliest Gargoyle, okay maybe not so serene, but at least our lives weren't in any danger at this point.

No rest for the wicked! Our clues sent the intrepid explorers towards the Town Hall. There we had to decipher a code to try and collect a password from a mysterious stranger. Only the more "eagle eyed" would have spotted the narrow opening leading to Bincombe Lane. Mastering this steep ascent was more akin to running the gauntlet and dodging vicious creatures with the walls crumbling all around us. We finally made it up to the top of this steep and dangerous path. What a stunning park it was, worth all the death defying stunts to see such natural beauty. After collecting information about a rare butterfly, the race was now on.

Who could make it back to the rendezvous point by 1300hrs with all the clues still in tact? After much huffing and puffing, team Keddie made it back having solved the most clues. Little did we know Mr Keddie's hero was Indiana Jones so he was bound to do well from the get go. 

Who would have guessed that our crusade into Crewkerne would have been so nail biting and adventurous! Just another regular weekend for our Hazlegrove boarders in "sleepy Somerset!!" 

Click here to see the photographs on Flickr from the weekend.


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