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The Boarding Community is one of the great strengths of Hazlegrove and numbers increased in recent years to current levels largely due to personal recommendation.

Around 100 boarders aged 7 - 13

We have around 100 boarders and whilst the majority of these children are British, we are finding that an increasing number of pupils are coming from expat communities around the world including the Far East, Africa and the Channel Islands. We also welcome a small number of international students who enrich the cultural experience for everyone.

Houseparents and boarding staff

We are fortunate to have really good Houseparents in each of our three boarding houses. They are amongst the best you will find; totally committed to the well-being of the pupils in their care. The matrons also have an important pastoral role in addition to looking after the practical needs of the children. The large number of staff resident on site provide additional support to the boarding community.

The feeling of extended family is palpable, enhanced by the fact that half the staff live on site.

The Good Schools Guide

Full and weekly boarding

At Hazlegrove, "weekly boarding" and "full boarding" are equivalent in that all boarders are expected to stay in school for the first and last weekends of each term - the "in-weekends". All pupils go out of school on the exeat weekends and for the remaining weekends, all boarders can stay in or go out after school or after their sports match commitments have been fulfilled. On these other weekends, we expect a good number of pupils (around 40 or more) to remain in school and activities are arranged.

With around a hundred boys and girls boarding and a full programmme of after-school and weekend activities, our boarders always have something to keep them busy.  


"Flexi-boarding" for one or two nights a week, on a regular basis, and "occasional" boarding, on an ad-hoc basis, is possible subject to bed availability.


The boarding was last inspected as part of the Integrated ISI Inspection in the Autumn Term, 2015. We were delighted that the school was considered to be outstanding in all nine areas of judgement. Click here for more information and a link to the inspection report.

Hazlegrove Stories

More stories

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