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An action-packed in weekend from with activities from archery to Zorb balls...


Our “In Weekend” kicked off with the Year 8s cooking supper for the whole boarding community. At one stage, it looked more like an exercise in smoke signaling but once the smoke drifted away, the children took to cooking the food for their tables. We all gathered on the lawn and enjoyed a delicious BBQ…with salad of course! 

Year 8 boarders cooking the meat for the barbeque

Saturday evening saw the boarding house common rooms become mini-cinemas and the children all enjoyed some down-time and a bit of their tuck.

A cooked breakfast is always a good way to start the day and that’s exactly what we were fortunate enough to enjoy. Mr Shaw left us with plenty of food for thought for the children in Chapel and the hymn singing was top notch!

Boarders' bake off challenge

The day was filled with activities for all – Miss Rudd’s “Bake Off” Contestants made Swiss Roll, and the winners were Lily and Tilly - they may be our next British Bake Off hopefuls in the future. Mrs Davis had a classroom filled to the brim of children sewing their own pyramid bean bags, while Mr O’Neill crowned Isaac as the winner of the time-trialed go-kart competition. Mr Simms offered lessons in flight school and the children thoroughly enjoyed flying all sorts of aircraft in the flight simulator. Mr Birch’s archery and Mr Robertson’s “Chill” tent were well supported by those that weren’t zooming down the water-slide.

Cooling off on the water slide...

The afternoon saw the arrival of the Zorb balls and the ice-cream van. The latter had a queue even before it arrived! Skye and Naomi took this opportunity to model their outfits made in Mrs Robertson’s “Trash-Fashion” studio. The Zorb balls, for those unfamiliar with them, are giant inflatable round suits that allow one to still run freely with added protection if the urge is there to roll head on into the ground or another person. The children had a fantastic time and got rather hot in these hamster-ball suits. The pool was opened for most of the afternoon and the children were very grateful to Mrs Fenwick for the opportunity to cool down!

Rolling around in the Zorb suits

After supper, a few of the girls who had picked blackberries earlier, made blackberry jam with Mrs Schreiber and Mrs Forbes and we all look forward to having some on our toast at breakfast. What an action-packed and fun-filled day!

The Hazlegrove Boarding Community - September 2016

Mother Teresa once said that we should spread love everywhere we go and let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. I believe that all the children at Hazlegrove climbed into bed at the end of the weekend happier!

Regan Schreiber
Head of Boarding

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