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Armed Forces Families at Hazlegrove: CEA

Armed Forces Families at Hazlegrove: CEA

Great Stories Begin With Community - A Home from Home.

Hazlegrove provides a ready-made village for your family to become part, an inclusive, family-focussed community with a long tradition of welcoming children from serving forces families. Our word-of-mouth recommendation that we receive from this part of the School is something of which we are particularly proud. 

Our approach is always one of flexibility and understanding, we work alongside our serving families, providing a stable and nurturing environment for the children that supports the career options available to the parents. 

I have had the good fortune to have had three children at Hazlegrove (all full boarding); the eldest two have now moved on. Both of them have done very well and I feel that the school has done an outstanding job of maximising their potential.


Absolutely EXCELLENT pastoral care, treating every child's needs individually and going above and beyond with support and assistance when required.

The Hazlegrove Forces Family Package

Our package for forces families is transparent - there are no unwanted surprises and the fees that you pay (approximately 10%) include a fantastic weekend activities programme, please do also use your Sodexo vouchers with us! For those families who are not claiming CEA, Hazlegrove offers a 5% forces discount. 

What Fees do Forces Families Pay? 

Years 3 - 6:      £651 per term / £1952 per year (based on current rates of CEA and fees)

Year 7 and 8:  £1,067 per term / £3,199 per year (based on current rates of CEA and fees)

Children in Years 7 and 8 receive the Senior School level of CEA set against a Prep School fee. This offers a significant cost saving to families wtih children in Years 7 and 8. The nature of our provision in Upper School is very similar to that of a Senior School whereby the children benefit from specialist subject teachers whilst still enjoying the preparation for moving to Senior School in Year 9. It is the best of both worlds at a key educational and developmental time for the children.  

CEA is complicated at the best of times and we are here to support you with the process whether through providing essential paperwork or advice. 

Our Bursar spent 25 years in the Army, many of those as a CEA claimant and therefore there is plenty of knowledge and advice available to families regarding the CEA process. A call with the Bursar is just one of the ways through which we offer help and assistance to our forces families as they start their CEA application. 

Children of serving parents make up a unique part of our Hazlegrove family and there is lots of support and advice on hand from the School community. We have a wonderful group of Boarding Representatives who will introduce you to other boarding families by contacting you even before your child joins the School and talk you through all of those questions that parents need to have answered. 

We understand the very particular needs of serving families

Continuity of education is provided through our senior school, King's School Bruton, which many of our forces children go on to attend from Year 9. See here for further information. 

Whenever we have dropped the children off at school, we have always driven back down the drive, safe in the knowledge that they would be cared for, guided or cajoled by staff whose collective endeavour has always had the children's best long-term interests at heart.

Call the Admissions Office for further information and help on 01963 442 606 or email [email protected]