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A huge turnout for the millionaires' lunch this year...

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Over 60 children attended the 2016 Millionaires' lunch on Friday and a fabulous meal was had by all as you can see from the pictures below... 

Our youngest member this year is Isla W in Year 2 who is just seven and became a member of our D club by reading over half a million words.  Also, a special mention must go to Diego Z in Year 7 who has achieved a million words in a language that is not his native tongue - this is truly remarkable.

In the final count, there were a total 61 millionaires with 31 girls and 30 boys.  Of these children, there were 3 boys and 3 girls who were double millionaires.  In addition to the millionaires, there are 11 D club members who have read 500,000 words this term or more.

Total words for the term… 147,365,997 at the latest count!

Very well done everybody!

Click here to see the photos from the lunch in Flickr


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