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Success for the intrepid hikers on Exmoor Challenge

General Outdoor Education

Last weekend, sixteen intrepid hikers from Hazlegrove battled through the wind and rain to take part in this year's Exmoor Challenge. Organised by the Exmoor Rotary Club, the Challenge involves children in groups of 4 navigating a 16-mile course across open moorland. There are eight checkpoints to reach within specified times, with penalty points applied if teams reach these early or late. There is also a quiz to complete along the way.

Our teams comprised children from year 7 and 8, who left school on Friday afternoon to set up camp near Dulverton. Our first night was spent pitching tents and playing games on the moor, before we checked kit and talked tactics. The next morning teams reported to Dulverton School, where we were cheered to see the familiar faces of Mr and Mrs Smith, now helping to run the event.

The weather started poorly and got steadily worse throughout the day, but the teams battled on and all competitors managed to complete the course and earn their medal. It was fantastic to have lots of staff and parent support along at the various checkpoints. That evening was spent under canvas, playing charades and enjoying a takeaway order of fish and chips. We headed back to Hazlegrove on Sunday morning to dry out the tents and unpack.

The Hazlegrove teams did fantastically well, with one of our teams winning first place in the mixed category (Issy L, Tommy B, Finn S and George P) and our boys team coming in second (Tom A, Theo G, Ben S, and Sam C). Congratulations! Trophies will be presented from the Rotary later this term. It was great to see everybody cross the finish line with the girls team coming in equal 9th in their group (Jemima D, Rosie B, Ale S de la Tour, and Jasmine S) and another mixed team finished 17th (Matilda C, Toby C, Seb K and Charlotte B) and wonderful to achieve such success in these challenging conditions.

Many thanks to all children and staff involved for a fantastic weekend.

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