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The Pre-Prep Curriculum

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The Pre-Prep pupils have a busy morning, focussing on the more academic subjects of English, Maths and Humanities (Geography, History and RE). It is important to make the most of the mornings when pupils are full of energy and more able to concentrate.

Ability based teaching groups for phonics and some number work ensures that all pupils are supported and challenged. The effective use of Teaching Assistants ensures groups are small and children get individual attention. So where might you ask does the Hazlegrove Pre-Prep make the difference? The answer is a combination of highly motivated class teachers, excellent specialist teaching, exciting opportunities and exceptional facilities.

The Rainbow Room is a specialist teaching facility for Art, Science and Technology. Investigating, designing, constructing and artistic expression all have a place in this room which opens up onto the Rainbow Garden.

The school’s historic woods provide an undisturbed and inspiring setting for Forest School. Cooking over fires, problem solving and a hands-on approach to nature ensure that pupils develop a deep sense of appreciation of the natural world.

From the Nursery to Year 2 the music is taught by Tom Birch who is passionate about developing musicality in young children.

Music with Mr Birch

Year 1 and 2 pupils have two sessions each week with Kimberley Arnold, who spent over 10 years in the West End appearing in shows such as Cats and Phantom of the Opera. She introduces them to self-expression and improvisation in drama and body awareness and movement in dance.

The Prep School games staff take all pupils in Years 1 and 2 for two hours each week. A carousel of gymnastics, ball skills and games ensure that pupils have every opportunity to get the very best start. Additionally, all Pre-Prep pupils receive tennis coaching in small groups throughout the year with full-time tennis coach Emma-Claire Parkin-Bowes.

It must be every 5 year old’s dream, to change into games kit after lunch every day and enjoy a rich tapestry of practical hands-on activity, in which nothing is left to chance. These are the children who will define the 21st Century and may live to see the 22nd. They deserve the very best start possible.

The timings of the School Day

  • Children can arrive in the Pre-Prep from 8.10am and are expected to be in by 8.30am for registration
  • Morning break is just after 10am
  • Lunch in the dining room is staggered for the different year groups from 12noon
  • Afternoon lessons start at 1.30pm
  • 3.45pm end of lessons or going home time for Nursery and Reception
  • 4.00pm end of lessons or going home time for Year 1 and 2
  • 4.00pm tea for those children staying in for after-school activities
  • 4.15pm after-school activities
  • 5.45pm end after-school activities - final going home time


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Hazlegrove Stories

More stories

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