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The 'Back in Time for Dinner' time-travelling Robshaw family visited Hazlegrove


What would it be like to return home to a house that has been taken back to the 1910's, no television, a servant, lack of food because of the Great War and no internet?

On Friday, the Lower and Middle School children were taken back to the decades between 1900 to 1950, as we had a very special visit from a family who have ‘lived’ in each of these periods. Indeed, because of their ‘time-travelling’ they would be over 100 years old! The Robshaw family: Brandon, Rochelle, Fred and their family helper Debbie came to talk to us about taking part in the BBC2 ‘Back in Time for Dinner’ series.

They gave us a fascinating presentation about what it was like to live through these periods and the social transformation that took place during this time. From having to take up to 40 minutes to get dressed in the 1910's, to going dancing with GI's during the Second World War, each experience gave a unique insight into what people had to go through in their daily lives. The presentation finished with Brandon reading from his poetry book entitled ‘These are a Few of My Scariest Things’, inspiring us to write our own poems.

A lovely afternoon was had by all, and we learnt lots about what it was like to live in the past.

"I really enjoyed hearing about the different things they did in different eras. I especially liked hearing about the different foods and I am glad I don’t need to eat calf’s head like they had to." Sarah H - Lower School

"I thought that it was very interesting when they talked about going back in time. They described it very well and the photos looked like they really had travelled in time. Hearing about the World War I was the best bit. I didn’t know they had a really nice dinner before they went off to war to make sure they were fed well, ready to fight for their country." Thomas B - Lower School

"I thought the talk was brilliant because they had almost time travelled through decades and spoke to us about the food they ate and the entertaining they did. They brought history to life. I love it." Elsie W - Middle School

"They really pulled us back in time to the beginning of the 20th Century and we really enjoyed listening to their adventures, especially when they talked about all the dinners!" Daniel J and Sholto B-G – Middle School

Click here to see the photographs in our Flickr album.


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