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Leon McCarron delivered The John McCarthy Lecture


Adventurer and film-maker, Leon McCarron came to Hazlegrove to deliver our John McCarthy Lecture in aid of Freedom From Torture.

Leon took us on foot from Jerusalem, all the way around the Dead Sea to Mount Sinai. It was hugely interesting to hear about his journey and the people he met along the way. The audience ranged from age 10 to grandparent age and everyone enjoyed the lecture immensely.

There was a chance to buy Leon's book 'The Land Beyond' after the lecture and have it signed by the author.

Some quotes from the audience:

"Really interesting and I really enjoyed hearing about Leon’s journey. It has inspired me to travel more". Laila S.

"I’ve always wanted to ride a camel even if they are uncomfortable and listening to Leon McCarron was a real treat". Imogen S.

"A humbling talk of a man who had the most wonderful adventure. I found the story of the family who washed Leon’s feet very moving. The photographs he showed were powerful and the quotes he used from the local people were very pertinent today". Mrs Cranfield.

"I think that the talk was inspiring and very interesting to everybody there. It made me think about what I will do in the future". Emily R.

"It was really interesting and I learnt a lot from it". George M.

"It made you look at the world in a different way. We always think the Middle East is a scary place, but Leon showed us the Middle East in a different light." Nye J

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