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The boarders were treated to a fantastic Burns Supper


To quote the 1975, Four Seasons hit, “Oh what a night!”

We were treated to a fantastic Robert Burns Night Supper. Our resident Scotsman, Mr Robertson, treated us to a traditional Scottish Grace and read a few extracts from the well-known and much-celebrated Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

Mr Robertson was kind enough to translate the poems for us. Whilst doing this, the younger members of the boarding community, brandishing knives the size of the one that Crocodile Dundee wielded, stabbed their haggis! Our chef, Louise, paraded the over-sized haggis up and down the dining room, much to the delight of the boarders. The children washed the haggis down with some Irn-Bru, (made in Scotland, from girders!) Scotland’s second national drink after whisky!

A hearty thanks to Mr Robertson for making the evening so authentic and enjoyable and for bringing to life, a famous and much-loved Scottish poet.

Robert Burns would have been proud. 

Mr Schreiber.

Click here to view the photographs in our Flickr album.


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