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A sensational start to the Spring Term for the boarders!


A sensational start to the Spring term! A great weekend was had by all. The community spirit and comradery demonstrated by the children was a pleasure to see. As boarding staff it was an absolute privilege to spend time with such a special and happy group of children.

On Saturday afternoon the Year 5-8 boys were all involved with matches against Sandroyd and were very successful by all accounts. The girls and the junior boys enjoyed a varied and exciting Saturday afternoon programme, doing OP Art (Optical Art inspired by Bridget Riley). The DT centre was a hub of activity with many children making Lego creations. 

After a good nights rest Sunday arrived and a buzz of excitement was in the air as the children looked forward to a day of teamwork and friendship. After a great breakfast we had an inspiring chapel by Mr Shaw all about prayer and how important it is in life. 

Our theme for this In-Weekend was all about bonding and teamwork. The children were divided into eight teams each having twelve people in it ranging from Year 8 all the way to Year 3. The teams had to race around completing 15 minute challenges, ranging from fire making to the drain pipe challenge. It was very encouraging to see how supportive, caring and kind the Year 8s were towards the younger members in the group. In true Hazlegrove spirit the children gave everything a go and were very enthusiastic throughout the morning.

Year 8 headed off to Cadbury for a walk and the afternoon brought more smiles when we were royally entertained by giving circus skills a go, juggling, hula-hooping, feather balancing and uni-cycling just to name but a few. On the whole we improved with practice but did also develop an appreciation of just how difficult some of these skills are. 

To finish off the day we had a magic and variety show. Lots of the children and staff were used as volunteers for the different acts. Miss Lilford had to balance in the air on a plank and many oohs and ahhs could be heard in the sports hall when the balloon holding her up was pulled away! 

Mr Forbes.

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