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The boarders had a great weekend filled with lots of fun, laughter and good humour.


Another very enjoyable weekend spent with a very special group of children. These certainly are the best days of our lives.

On Saturday afternoon some of the boarders entered Skye P and Emma G's art competition. Their challenge was to create a monster and the success criteria that it would be marked on was creativity, originality and scariness. We had some great entries and Florence D was the eventual winner.

Some of our boarders made Hazlegrove baubles in DDR to go on the trees in the Fitzjames and the Front Hall. It is simply staggering what the pupils can now create with all the technology at their fingertips.

Sunday arrived and there was much excitement in the air as we were going to the cinema for the first time in Hazlegrove's history. We arrived at VUE in Bristol and were escorted to our very own cinema room specially reserved for us. The children felt very special being treated like VIP's and the film Paddington 2 did not disappoint. A classic feel good story where a good character goes through tough times but eventually everything gets sorted out and there is a happy ending. Sufficed to say there wasn't a dry eye in the house at the end of the film.

Sadly it was Mr Keddie and Miss Wun's last weekend duty before they depart for Australia. As a treat for us they decided to bake us some ANZAC biscuits. They were absolutely delicious and went perfectly with our hot chocolate. We wish them all the best for their future and thank them for their immense contribution to the boarding community.

To finish off the day we had a great chapel delivered by Mr Jenkins reminding us to think of others and to be kind to everyone we come across in life.

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