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The boarders set their goals high to get to the top of the great cedar tree


The Great Tree Climbing Company visited Hazlegrove and set up 10 rope lines on the cedar tree in the woods. Throughout the day our boarders had the opportunity to climb to the the top of the cedar and two managed this amazing feat! The views from the woods were simply breathtaking. Even the smallest Year 3 got up and gave it a go.

Some of our culinary specialists were very busy in the food technology room making leaf shaped sugar cookies to have with our hot chocolate later on in the day. They were absolutely delicious.

The enthusiastic gymnasts among us enjoyed front flipping, cart wheeling, forward rolling, sliding and swinging in the sports hall. We put some music on and even did some synchronised movement which was great to see.

The more daring of the boarders printed out a few targets and then went to the woods to chance their arms at a bit of archery. Mr Birch tells me that there might be a few modern day William Tells amongst us.

After a great lunch the afternoon was filled with fun, laughter and good company. We went swimming made some crafty bits and voyaged off to Ham Hill. With the temperature dropping we had some very tasty hot chocolate and sat through an inspiring chapel delivered by Mrs Hughes.

Another great Sunday spent with 70 very special children. What a treat!!!

Mr Forbes.

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