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The boarders enjoyed muffin mania, laser tag, parachuting eggs, Lytes Cary and birds of prey


In true Hazlegrove fashion, we made the most of the glorious weather and enjoyed another weekend full of activity and adventure.

A trip to Lytes Cary to play in their woodland adventure area was enjoyed by some of the junior boarders. Games of manhunt and hide and seek were enjoyed by all. Some of the more observant took part in the nature trail competition set up by Miss Rudd.

They say the quickest way to a child's heart is through their stomach. Well this must be true because every time we offer a cooking activity it is oversubscribed. Muffin mania gripped the food tech room with children making some delicious cinnamon and cheese muffins.  

Never have stereotypes been proved so wrong than at Hazlegrove. The sound of laser tag guns could be heard ringing throughout the woods all morning. One would naturally assume that this activity might be dominated by the boys. Think again Mr Keddie tells me the girls were by far the most ruthless and daring sharp shooters, well done girls!

Parachute designing to protect some very precious cargo (eggs) was taking place in the art room. Some of our budding engineers designed some outstanding parachutes. We put their designs to the test by putting an egg into a basket attached to their parachutes and dropping them from the balcony outside Fitzjames. Sufficed to say the results were,"Eggcellent!"

The afternoon entertainment was dominated by some fantastic feathery friends. Will, from Bruton, brought in some amazing birds for us to appreciate and handle, they ranged from Harris Hawks to the world’s largest type of owl. We were lucky to see them all fly, perform tricks and feed them. The opportunity to get up close and personal to these majestic creatures was truly an unforgettable experience for us.

A great fun filled weekend was had by all.

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