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Year 8 enjoyed many activities in their final week at Hazlegrove


After a wet but tremendously good week in Cornwall on their Leavers’ Trip, Year 8 returned for their last few days at Hazlegrove.

It can be a strange time, with periods of frantic activity and other strangely calm slots, rehearsing, practising and waiting for those last steps across the stage on Speech Day. This year we decided to fill those days with some team ‘life skills’ and other ‘might come in handy’ activities, all marked toward a final grand winner.

Everything happened – tying slings and bow ties, folding stylish napkins, packing small against the clock to travel ‘hand luggage only’, sewing seams and buttons to create little felt gingerbread men (Year 3 chose the one they would most like to take home), making newspaper shoes (some surprisingly stylish Western Gazette x Louboutins) worn on the catwalk for a minimum twenty paces, wiring plugs, writing memories of Mrs Fenwick for a souvenir book, designing a special Hazlegrove Headlines cover for Mr Fenwick, making little boxes with lovely thoughts in them as an alternative to a greetings card for a friend, writing a story with Year 8 pupils’ names hidden in it, taking part in a "Ready, Steady, Cook" style challenge and rewriting and performing "One Day More" to fit leaving Hazlegrove.

Somehow they also remembered to perform in their own pop-up concert on the Monday evening and raise some charity money!

Please click here to see the Ready, Steady, Cook photographs in our Flickr album


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