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What a weekend - what a year... the last boarders' in-weekend


What a Sunday! What a week-end and what a year! We ended the year on a real high – the children had a ball, playing out in the sunshine, all weekend long. We ended up with a lot of sleepy and tanned children on Sunday evening!

Year 8 Hazlegrove girl boarders enjoy some retail therapy at Clarks' Village in Street

On Saturday, the Year 8 girls headed off to Street for some retail therapy while the rest of us enjoyed the sunshine. The water slide was out, magic ball happened in the sports hall and archery took place in the Jubilee Woods. Stool Ball also made its maiden appearance - the children absolutely loved this 14th century equivalent of quick-cricket crossed with baseball. The evening meant cooler temperatures and a delicious BBQ on the lawns.

Enjoying the Saturday Evening barbeque on the front lawn

Sunday promised to be even hotter and it delivered! In the morning, a group of children headed off to Taunton to watch England take on Sri Lanka in the Women’s Cricket World Cup…and England won convincingly. Those that stayed at school, went on a bike ride, made fires in the woods to cook damper bread, and many enjoyed the water slide – this time with a sprinkler added to the fun!

Making damper bread to cook on the fire

Cooling down on the water slide

The main attraction was the inflatables. An obstacle course, human football, a bucking bronco, bungee sprints and total wipe-out were a hit. The children had so much fun. The sun was beating down on us and Mr O’Neill saved the day when he arrived on the scene dragging the hosepipe behind him!

Clinging on to the bucking bronco

The total wipe-out challenge

Evening Chapel was memorable for many reasons. One, was that it was Mr and Mrs Fenwick’s last ever service, as was the case for the Year 8s. But it was also unforgettable as the entire boarding community danced together, taught to us by the Fenwicks – what a lovely sight it was to see all of us joined in two large circles, dancing to a Hebrew tune.

Relaxing with friends

The weekend cemented the friendships made and the fellowship we share in our boarding family. It is so lovely to see smiling faces, hear giggles and feel real love for one another.  

Mr Schreiber
Head of boarding

Click here to see the photo album from the weekend on Flickr


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