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Roasting bananas with chocolate, singing round the campfire and a night under canvas for the Year 4s

Outdoor Education

Another Year 4 camp-out, another great success... 

What a super group of children we had on both nights; positive in spite of the wind, supportive of each other and lovely company. They all approached the event with high spirits and clearly relished the whole experience. Staff who kindly visited us on both nights commented on the wonderful atmosphere around the campfire, brilliantly made on both nights by Mr Kenny. For us, it was an opportunity to enjoy seeing the children we teach out of the classroom; it is always a pleasure to watch them interact, cooking their supper, roasting bananas stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate while singing songs and playing games.

None of this would be possible without Mr Birch whose light but very safe touch made them feel secure and independent at the same time. Two nights to remember (and I won't dwell on the tent that was awake before the dawn chorus!) 

Mrs Sharp

Click here to see the photos from the first camp out - 5 May - in Flickr

Click here to see the photos from the second camp out - 12 May - in Flickr


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