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Alex Hibbert talks about his adventures in Greenland and Svalbard


Alex Hibbert wowed an absolutely jam-packed theatre with tales of his adventures in Greenland and Svalbard.

Speaking at the Hazlegrove as part of our EarthWyz Festival of Sustainability, Alex spoke brilliantly of the trials and hardships of his epic journeys across the ice. The children loved hearing about the relationship he had with his dog pack.

An inspiring talk of incredible adventure.

Quotes from the audience after the talk: 

“I thought Alex Hibbert was so interesting. I loved it when he talked about his sledge dogs and the characters he described.”

“I can’t imagine being so cold and think Alex is very brave to want to go on such cold adventures.”

“When Alex told us about crossing the crevices I thought that was so scary.”

“I loved Alex’s dog stories, but when he said about getting his gun out to shoot the dog with a broken leg I felt so terrible, and  thought no, no, but then he said that he put the dog on his sledge and they made him better, and I felt so happy.”

“Alex Hibbert has made me want to go to Greenland to meet the Inuit people and ski across the ice.”

“A thoroughly inspiring talk.What a man!”

Alex Hibbert, Polar Explorer, signing books for the children after his talk

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