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Year 7 entertain their parents and friends with their production 'In dreams'

Drama and Dance

At the beginning of this term  I asked Year 7 pupils what they would like to perform and how they dream of entertaining family and friends; the theme ‘In Dreams’ evolved.  It was exciting to watch them work hard in rehearsals; developing their acting roles, songs and choreography. Their confidence blossomed as the weeks unfolded and they got so much pleasure from watching each other on stage.  

I would like to congratulate them all on a very successful production week.

Kimberley  Arnold
Head of Drama and Dance


Please note, the photos are split into two albums below - one for each evening of the production.

Here are the opening rap lyrics which tell us all about the play...

We welcome you all to this world we’ve created
Had fun along the way encouraged not berated
Turn off your phones, open your ears and your eyes
As we pretend to be others and turn up in disguise

Walk away from reality, it’s outside that door
Let us entertain you, leave you wanting more
So you think we’re asleep and out of control
Well you couldn’t be more wrong, let us flatter and cajole
You into our head and our way of learning
‘Cos at night it gets good our imaginations discerning
We are sleeping now as we live for our dreams
Each of us indulging our vision it seems

Dreaming of using my time to learn lines,
monologues, sketches, poems and rhymes
Dreaming of working so hard in this room
dancing for hours til my heart goes boom
Dreaming of pretending to be someone new
I’ve put on a costume and I wait for my cue
Dreaming of using my voice to make notes
singing the song that’ll get all the votes

A dream is a home, an abode for our wishes
Of performing on stage and blowing you kisses
‘Cos grown-ups are the ones that look but don’t see
You hold our spirit in your hands, it’s not about the money
Give time, give love, give hugs, don’t hide
So we can love ourselves and remain dignified
When the show ends and you stand up and clap
Think back to the start, of our dreams, and this Rap

Click here to see the photos from the Thursday evening production in Flickr

Click here to see the photos from the Friday evening production in Flickr


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