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Young Film Academy for Year 6

Drama and Dance

On 30 June, Year 6 had a brilliant day of film making. We were taken by two people called Ben and Ed. Ed was a film cameraman and Ben was an actor. We began by learning how to do fake punches that look real like the ones in the films. We also did fight choreography. Next we created ideas for films which included what happens in the film, the title of the film and a tag line for the film. We were also taught about different camera angles and shots.

After lunch, we had a great time creating our own films in groups. They had to be ten shot films which included three medium shots, three wide shots, three close-ups and one tracking shot. We were told that close-ups were the most important type of shot as you can see the expression of the character. We also had to choose our films from different categories and the best film won a fake Oscar.

Overall, it was a great day of excitement and fun.

By Oscar S.

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