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Boarders enjoy fishing for mackerel in Lyme Regis


After the usual amazing Hazlegrove Sunday breakfast, we gathered our beach kit and set off for Lyme Regis.  This was a beach trip with a difference as we were heading off not just with the aim of relaxing on the beach.  We had serious work to do!  We were going mackerel fishing on fishing boats and hoping to be able to enjoy our catch for supper.

The weather was warm but the sky was grey - typical British weather but more importantly the sea was, while not exactly choppy, definitely not mill pond flat.  The first groups of intrepid fishers set off: the Year 7/8 boys and the Year 8 girls.  They had huge success, one boat catching fourteen fish!  We used lines with hooks, two people to a line and then our captains gutted the fish in front of our eyes.  Lots of the children had a go at handling the fish- do have a look at the hilarious photos!

While we awaited for their return to the shore, the rest of the boarders amused themselves with beach cricket, rock pooling, sand castle design and paddling.  All great fun.  Then a picnic lunch with lots of sand in our sandwiches and a committed defence needed versus some aggressive seagulls!  All great fun and the birds were kept at bay.

The other groups of years 4, 5 and 6 had equal success on the high seas.  All in all we had caught plenty of mackerel which was very pleasing indeed..

Back at school Mr Robertson gave a chapel on perseverance using General George S Patton as an example.  Then it was letter writing, some free time and a delicious roast for supper.  Mr O'Neill got barbecuing the mackerel and as an extra course before pudding most of the boarders tried the fruits of their labours.  It was absolutely delicious and brilliantly cooked.

Thanks must go to Mrs Fawbert who gave up her Sunday to come with us and then played in chapel too.  And also to Mr O'Neill whose brainwave the whole day was.  A trip with a difference, one we'll all remember and a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Click here to see the photo album of the fishing trip in Flickr


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