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Hazlegrove was a blaze of colour for the St Margaret's Hospice fun run

General Charity

On the 28th of May one of the most vibrant and happiest 5k runs to hit Somerset was held here at Hazlegrove.

We were incredibly blessed to have the event right at our doorstep and it was the perfect day to be soaking up some sun…. and paint. Hitting the track, we couldn’t help ourselves from smiling, everyone was in the best of spirits. The turnout was fantastic with a huge number of people coming to skip, walk or run the enchanting 5k around the school and surrounding farmland, all in support of St Margaret’s Hospice.

It was a joy to be apart of such a fantastic event and although the colour stains are well washed away it was an experience to remember.

Click here to see the photo album of the colour run in Flickr


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