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When trouble strikes Year 5 up the Tor they have some tales to tell...

Drama and Dance

Year 5 clearly enjoyed their drama production last week... The stage was set with the children on an IAPS orienteering challenge on Glastonbury Tor.  Some poor directions from a certain teacher, (who remained nameless for at least the first 30 seconds of the play) sent the competitors astray!

Completely lost, a storm ravaged the hillside, forcing the children to take shelter in an old ruin. Whilst awaiting rescue, the children kept their spirits up by re-telling stories from the time of King Arthur.

The tales of The Christmas Cherries, The Sword in the Stone, Excalibur and The Quest for the Holy Grail were told in turn by each of the Year 5 classes.  The stories were interspersed by some 60's and 70's classic songs with lyrics cleverly reworded to reflect the circumstances in the which the children found themselves. 

It was super to see all the children involved and clearly enjoying entertaining the audience with these Arthurian tales - especially when we have our very own Sword in the Stone here at Hazlegrove!

Thank you Year 5!

Click here to see the Year 5 Trouble up the Tor photos in Flickr


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