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Two perfect evenings for the Year 4 campouts

Outdoor Education

The sun shone on our campout – twice! We have just completed two fantastic nights under canvas and the children loved every minute.

We were so impressed with how quickly they put up their tents, working as a team. Supper was delicious and they enjoyed cooking and socialising in mixed groups before winding down with songs and the annual ghost story. Teeth cleaned and pyjamas on and a lovely snuggle in a warm sleeping bag -Year 4 slept.

By breakfast, bags were packed and tents were down and we were ready for a new school day. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Birch for giving up not one but two of his Friday nights to join us and share his camping expertise. 

The photos are split into two albums for the two evenings...

Click here to see the album of the first campout in Flickr

Click here to see the album of the second campout in Flickr


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