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Year 3 trip to Corfe Castle

Academic Trips

The Year 3 mini History topic, medieval castles, sprung into life with an extremely interesting visit to Corfe Castle.

After carefully navigating around the castle to the entrance, the children were met by our enthusiastic guide who would lead our tour of the castle. During the tour, he winded the children through the castle, stopping at carefully selected points to explain the different important features. We were very lucky, as not only was the craftsman’s house open to peer into but there was a replica of a trebuchet! It was amazing to hear about how the attackers used this to throw large stones and break down walls! The most interesting room was the oubliette where people were left to be forgotten!

After having a yummy lunch, the children finished the day by working in small groups to act out scenarios of castle life, including a battle scene. An unforgettable day was had by all!

Mr Capazolli

Emma “The most interesting place was the oubliette, this is where they would put people when they wanted to forget about them. I wouldn’t like to be put there!”

Thea “I found it fascinating learning about the wells in the castle. It was interesting that some of the wells could be so high but still have lots of water in them!”

Click here or scroll through the images below to see the album of Corfe Castle photos in Flickr

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