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A new pair of feet for your old shoes


Pupils throughout the school have been learning about the charity Sal's Shoes - an excellent organisation which will allow us to find new and needy feet for all the outgrown shoes a prep school generates.  Click on the image below to see a copy of the presentation which was shown to the children.

First slide of the SAls shoe's presentation

Sal's Shoes is a small, not very old, charity run by volunteers but has managed already to distribute thousands of outgrown shoes to children in 19 countries. Hazlegrove children have asked really pertinent questions about how and why it can be so disadvantageous for health, development and access to education not to have just a pair of shoes. They are very keen to take part in our collection over the first 10 days of next term and so we would be delighted if you would send in any children's shoes they can no longer wear.

The shoes (which can be school shoes, home shoes, sandals, trainers, flio-flops, Crocs, plimsolls, football boots, rugby boots, wellies, slippers - anything which is still in good condition and of child/early teen size) should be brought in cleaned, with any laces replaced, and paired together with an elastic band, during the first ten days back at school. They should be kept in your child's classroom or locker until we have our special collection boxes ready.

This is such an easy thing for us to do and will make such a difference; please do what you can and perhaps even ask around other friends and family with children.

We look forward to telling you how it has gone!

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