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The Hazlegrove Nursery

The Hazlegrove Nursery is in an ideal position within the secure environment of the Pre-Prep and enjoys direct access to its own safe and exciting outdoor play area. Being right next door to the Reception classrooms, there are plenty of opportunities for the children to interact with the Pre-Prep staff and to see the Pre-Prep children before making their own transition to full-time school in the Hazlegrove Reception Class - a move we aim to make as seamless as possible.

Reading in the Nursery   Counting in the Nursery

The Nursery Day

The Nursery day starts at 8.30am and is structured so that children can be collected at 12noon, after lunch by 1.30pm or at the end of the school day at 3.45pm.  It is also possible for older nursery children to stay and join in with the Pre-Prep after-school activities, providing they are able to cope with the demands of a longer day. 

In the Nursery playground   Nursery PE in the Sports Hall

Children are welcomed from the age of 2 1/2 and will usually start with a minimum of two sessions quickly building up to three or more.  Some children will even attend the Nursery full-time before they move up to the Reception Class.

Nursery terms run in line with the rest of the school.

Food in the Nursery

Hazlegrove has its own team of caterers and so has complete control over the sourcing of food and the menu planning.  Healthy snacks are provided with milk or water at morning break time and again during the course of the afternoon for the Foundation Stage children (Nursery and Reception).  Those nursery children staying for lunch will enjoy a hot meal in the school dining room, with staff on hand to help encourage good table manners and eating habits.

Lunch time in the school dining room


The children spend most of their time in the exciting and stimulating environment of the Nursery and its outside play area.

Collecting apples for the pigs   Feeding the pigs with apples 

Outside the classroom, they go for lots of walks in and around the school and enjoy the wonderful Hazlegrove woodlands in their Forest School. Other activities include ballet with Miss Bell, PE in the sports hall, dance in the dance studio, tennis with the school coach Miss P-B, music with our specialist teacher Mr Marquiss and swimming in our own 25m indoor swimming pool.

Nursery swimming in the Hazlegrove pool   Ballet with Miss Bell

Each term, all the nursery children have the opportunity to join in with a trip off-site.

Moving up to Reception

Children in the Hazlegrove Nursery are expected to move up to the adjacent Reception class in the September term when they are 4 years old - no separate application is required.

Towards the end of the Summer Term, we aim to run a couple of introductory sessions allowing those children moving up, and those children joining Hazlegrove for Reception, to meet their new teacher and to have a chance to be in their new classroom.

Our Aims and Ethos

The Nursery aims to nurture each child and enable them to develop a sense of pride in themselves; in their own identity and in the way they behave. All children are encouraged to have a go and always try their best. They learn about the world around them through exploration and play.

Role play in the Nursery   Painting in the Nursery

In the Foundation Stage classes, each child will be assigned a key person who works alongside the class teacher, to support their development and act as a second point of contact with that child’s parents.

The holistic approach of the Early Years Foundation Stage is to help young children strive to achieve the five ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes of:

  1. Staying Safe
  2. Being Healthy
  3. Enjoying and achieving
  4. Making a positive contribution
  5. Achieving economic well being

Parental Involvement

Parents are invited to:

  • Join their child for swimming sessions.
  • Take part in various trips throughout the year.
  • Build friendships with other parents in the setting.
  • Enjoy the Nursery ‘Family Hour’.
  • Come along to Coffee Mornings.

Performing to parents at the Harvest Assembly

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