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Sport, music and drama all play a significant role in day-to-day life at Hazlegrove and they all have their place firmly within the curriculum as well as giving many opportunities for extra-curricular involvement.

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Mindful of the desire to develop the whole person and to address spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, physical and issues of citizenship, all pupils are taught PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) within the curriculum.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

The PSHE programme is integrated into all aspects of the school, enabling children to develop confidence and responsibility and make the most of their abilities.

Our approach to sensitive issues such as sex education, family and death reflects the traditional Christian foundation of the school.

Pupils learn to:

  • play an active role as citizens
  • develop a healthy and safe lifestyle
  • develop good relationships
  • respect people and their differences
  • develop a sense of spirituality and of awe and wonder

The spiritual life of the school is important and is celebrated with assemblies, Sunday morning chapel and saying prayers in the dormitories.  

We see it as vital that all teachers and other adults at Hazlegrove act as appropriate role models for the children at all times.

Hazlegrove Stories

More stories

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