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Sport in the Pre-Prep

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Physical development, fitness and co-ordination lie at the core of the Pre-Prep sports programme. The curriculum focuses on three key areas – swimming, gymnastics and ball skills.


The 25 metre indoor swimming pool ensures all pupils learn to swim at least confidently and in many cases very strongly.  Swimming is taught once a week to all pupils in the Pre-Prep, including those attending Nursery on a swimming day, and additional after-school swimming is available as an optional extra from Year 1.


Co-ordination, core strength, whole body awareness and being able to control the way we move are central themes.

Jumping, turning, rolling and balancing are taught. Pupils are encouraged to develop their own sequences and to perform these to each other. All the time, pupils are laying down foundations for their future sporting and athletic success.

Reception Class PE in the Gym

Ball skills

The basic skills for nearly all ball games are taught. Throwing, catching, moving into space, kicking and striking a ball and learning to work as part of a team are themes which repeat themselves again and again. Additionally, tennis has been part of the core curriculum since September 2011.

Team sport skills introduce pupils to possession and invasion games as well as the concept of teamwork.

The Pre-Prep Sport culminates in the Summer Term with a Pre-Prep sports day.

Specialist taught golf and tennis are available as extra-curricular activities for those wishing to further their skills in these sports.

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Hazlegrove Stories

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