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If you have been offered, and have accepted, a place you will want to know what happens next and when. We hope the following information will help you know what to expect. 

If you are yet to apply for a place or visit for a trial day then please go to the Application Process page. 

What happens after accepting an offer of a place...

Joining information and forms to be completed

Joining information is emailed to parents the term prior to entry, usually just before half term. There will be links to online guides and forms to be completed. Printed copies of the guides are available on request from the admissions office or the school office. 

We ask that the joining forms are completed promptly during the term prior to entry to allow all staff concerned due time to prepare for the new term.

Purchasing uniform

Initial kit-outs are by appointment - this saves unnecessary waiting for yourselves or others in the shop. Appointments are made directly with the uniform shop - see more on the Uniform Shop page.

Class and house information

This information is finalised at the end of the preceding term and so letters are sent out either at the end of term or at the beginning of the holidays. If you do not know your house information before purchasing the uniform, we recommend you pay for house ties and then we will send these to you once this information is known. The houses are Dover (Red), Lyon (Blue), Norton (Yellow) and Tremlett (Green).

Music and other optional extras

Forms to indicate you would like your child to learn an instrument, or to take part in an optional extra activity, are included in the joining pack of information.

Nursery familiarisation sessions

Children joining the Nursery may have already been coming along to the Squirrels Parent and Toddler Group. In order to familiarise the children with the Nursery situation, Mrs Houston is offering individual sessions to children joining the Nursery in the half term before they start. This sessions are arranged directly with Mrs Houston.

Introduction to Reception afternoons

We usually arrange two afternoons during the latter part of the Summer Term when children due to join the Reception class are invited to meet their teacher. One of these is likely to take place on the Pre-Prep moving up day.

Pre-Prep moving-up session

This takes place during the latter stages of the Summer Term. Children from Reception to Year 2 spend part of the day in their new classes, with their new teachers, as they will be, for the following September. New pupils are most welcome to join us for this part of the day.

Making contact with the "Friends"

As soon as you have given permission (via the telephone disclosure form or the Friends' form in the joining pack), we will be able to pass on your contact details to the Friends' representative for your child's year group. This is particularly useful if you are new to the area and wish to make contact with other Hazlegrove families in the holidays prior to your child's first term. The Friends' Directory is published around the Autumn half term.

Instructions for the first day

These are sent out at the end of the preceding term, along with class and house information, if relevant.

Welcome meetings

Welcome meetings for Prep School parents take place in September on the first evening of term for the boarders and on the first morning of term for the day pupils. The Pre-Prep run a series of meetings during the early part of the Autumn Term for parents to meet the teachers.

Presentation evenings

These are held during the Summer Term for Hazlegrove parents with children, in selected year groups, to give those parents an insight into what they can expect during the next academic year. New parents are most welcome to join us for any relevant presentation evening.

Daily routines

These are partly covered within the welcome meetings but we would strongly urge you to review the relevant section of the Guide to Hazlegrove and the Pre-Prep, Lower School, Middle School and Upper School handbooks.

Finding your way around

For some parents it may be quite some time since last having a tour of the school. If you would like to have another tour during the first few days of term please ask - this can be useful to discover things you may not have been so interested in during a tour as a prospective parent, such as where your child's games kit is kept and how to go about finding something which has been misplaced (otherwise known as lost property!).

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