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Choosing a school is a lengthy and tricky process and often we rely on the advice of friends, family and parents who have also 'been through it'. We are very lucky at Hazlegrove to have a tremendously supportive parent body who are very keen to talk to those families who are considering the school for their children. Our team in Admissions would be delighted to put you in contact with our current parents, please do contact Admissions for their help with this. In the meantime, here are a few extracts from letters of parents who have made Hazlegrove their school of choice:

Extract from a letter to our Houseparents from Year 8 parents whose child was moving on to Senior School:

"It’s such a difficult decision to make; to send your 7 year old off to boarding school when they still sit in a full car seat, believe in the Tooth Fairy & Father Christmas and watch CBeebies, they are so, so little and yet Hazlegrove has got it so, so right; that perfect balance of letting them be children and innocent for as long as possible whilst allowing them to mature at their own rate, never hastening. With the general fast pace of society, I think you’d be hard pressed to achieve that at home, even if you really wanted to. In deepest Somerset 100 lucky children get to do just that!"

Extract from a letter to the Headmaster from prospective parents after visiting Hazlegrove:

"When we began looking for a school for the boys, we both had very specific ideas about what we wanted for them.  Education is not just about academia and we were determined to choose a school which placed as much emphasis on the growth and development of the individual as it did everything else.

We would like our boys to grow up knowing that anything is possible.  With desire, hard work and sheer grit and determination, they can go anywhere and achieve anything.  We don’t want them to fear failure.  They have to develop courage to embrace it, to use it and to grow because of it.  They need to develop the strength of character and enough self-confidence to know that they can be themselves at all times and they need a strong moral compass so that they can stand up for what is right.  We hope they never lose their sense of wonder at the world around them and so it is our job to place them into the care of a school that can help us achieve all this and much more without placing them under any unnecessary pressure.

I wasn’t entirely sure we would be able to find a school that would be able to do all this as well as providing them with an excellent “traditional” education.  Hazlegrove more than matches up to our expectations and we would be very happy for our boys to join you in due course."

“Hazlegrove has been a fantastic experience for our younger daughter and she reaps the benefits of the kind, safe and nurturing environment of school every day.”

“We are extremely pleased that we chose to send our son to Hazlegrove, to date we feel he has definitely benefited from the overall ethos, surroundings and culture at the school.”

We place tremendous importance on the feedback we receive from parents and the wider Hazlegrove community.  It is invaluable in providing endorsement and encouragement for what we do well and also in giving guidance into areas we can look to improve.  In order to ensure feedback is truly representative, we survey all parents on a regular basis to allow everyone an opportunity to express their views on an anonymous basis.



Hazlegrove Stories

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