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At Hazlegrove we have our own team of caterers and so we have complete control over the sourcing of the food and the menu planning.

Collecting the food from the canteen

Break time is around 10am and the Pre-Prep children have a healthy snack of freshly baked bread with milk or water and a variety of fruits are available as well. 

At 12.00 noon the Nursery go for lunch, followed by the rest of the Pre-Prep at intervals.  The younger children wear colourful tabbards to help keep their clothes clean.

In the dining room at lunch time

Lunch for the Pre-Prep children is always a hot main course with a choice of vegetables and there is a selection of puddings and fruit to follow (the cold bar is available to children once they move on to Year 3).  Vegetarian options are always available and children following special diets on medical grounds can usually be catered for. The children are encouraged to try new foods, especially on one of our themed days, and for those still hungry there is always freshly baked bread.

For the Foundation Stage children there is an additional snack time during the afternoon and if the children have been cooking they often sample their own creations at this time.

Designing and making a salad face

Children are encouraged to drink water regularly throughout the day and children staying after 4.00pm have a snack of sandwiches and fruit before starting their after-school clubs and activities. 


Hazlegrove Stories

More stories

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