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Ethos and structure

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The winning combination of experienced, committed, staff and small class sizes, creates a friendly, stimulating and secure environment in which pupils lay down firm foundations in all areas of the curriculum, on which they can build in future years.

  • We develop in our children positive attitudes towards themselves, their school and their learning
  • We support children to form caring, happy relationships and to respect people, belongings and their environment
  • The children are encouraged to concentrate on the task in hand, to behave in a way that benefits the whole community and to treat others in a way that they would wish to be treated themselves

Our aims are:

  • To nurture each child as an individual and to develop their self-esteem and their talents
  • To help the children to grow into confident, independent, young people who have the enthusiasm to be inquisitive in the world around them
  • To encourage them to develop a positive and cheerful approach to the daily challenges of life and to grasp each opportunity and act on it

Pupils are encouraged to make significant progress in these early years. At the same time, we recognise that children develop at different rates and in diverse ways and so teachers are sensitive to each individual.

Success is celebrated and achievement in the classroom is rewarded.

The Structure of the Pre-Prep and Nursery

The Pre-Prep is divided into 2 distinct sections:

Early Years Foundation Stage:

  • 2½ – 4 years Nursery
  • 4 – 5 years Reception

In the Nursery and Reception classes, each child will be assigned a key person to support their development and act as the key point of contact with that child’s parents.

Key Stage 1:

  • 5 – 6 years Year 1
  • 6 – 7 years Year 2

In Years 1 and 2 the class teacher is the first point of contact with the child's parents.

Parents can also talk to the Deputy Head of Pre-Prep or the Head of Pre-Prep if they any questions or concerns about life in the Pre-Prep.

All class teachers work closely together to ensure smooth transitions as the children move-up through the school and a consistent curriculum.

Hazlegrove Stories

More stories

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