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Moving up to Year 3

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All our children make the exciting move up into the Prep School at the end of Year 2 and we aim to make that transition as seamless as possible for them. 

Before moving into the Prep School, the children in Year 2 are encouraged to take more responsibility for personal organisation and to look after their own belongings. Carefully supervised, they move around the school for more of their lessons in preparation for joining Year 3 when they will be expected to have more responsibility in finding their way around school and being ready for lessons.

Year 3 Design and Technology lesson

A presentation to Year 2 parents is held during the Summer Term to give parents an idea of what changes to expect as the children move forward - whilst this session is organised for parents of pupils already at Hazlegrove, those parents of children joining Year 3 in the following September are more than welcome to come along - indeed it provides an opportunity to meet others as well as giving more of an insight in what to expect from the school day.  

Lower School rugby session

The children will also have a "moving-up" session towards the end of the Summer Term when they will spend part of the day having an introduction to Year 3 with their new teachers and in their new class groups.

The McCreery Academic Scholarship is open to pupils already in Year 2 at Hazlegrove as well as to pupils hoping to join Hazlegrove.  Please click here to find out more.

A few extra items of uniform are required at this stage such as blazers and additional games kit.

Year 3 singing with Miss Sayles

Hazlegrove Stories

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