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Children who have instrumental or singing tuition are invited to join various bands or ensembles as soon as they are able to do so. In addition to our specialist vocal groups, we also have a number of choirs which all children can participate in.

Some of the smaller groups available will change from time to time to suit the musicians we have in school. 

Choral Groups include:

The Dolphin Choir - a non-selective choir for Year 3 and 4 pupils

The Dolphin Choir

The Middle School Choir - a non-selective choir for Year 5 and 6 pupils

Middle School Choir

The Chamber Choir - a selective choir generally made up from pupils in Years 7 and 8

The Chamber Choir

The Girls' Vocal Group - a selective group

The Girls' Vocal Group

The Boys' Vocal Group - a selective group

The Boys' Vocal Group

On occasion, the Boys' and Girls' Vocal Groups may join together to make a combined vocal group. 

The larger instrumental groups are:

The Swing Band

The Swing Band

The Wind Band

The Wind Band

The Senior Strings

Senior Strings

Additionally, there is also a Junior Strings group for younger children with less experience.

The Senior Brass Ensemble

Senior Brass Group

The Junior Brass Group

The Brass Group

The Tuned Percussion Group

Tuned percussion group

The Guitar Group

The Guitar Group

The Saxophone Group

The Saxophone Group

The Clarinet Group

Clarinet Group

The Combined Orchestra 

On rare occasions, such as Carols with the Orchestra at Christmas time we will bring the children together to create a combined orchestra.

Carols with the Orchestra

Smaller instrumental groups in recent years have included:

  • The Dixie Land Band
  • Three Trombones and a Tuba
  • The Brass Belles
  • The Four Reeds
  • The Wind Trio
  • The Drum Corps

The formation of any such groups is in response to the talents of the musicians in the school at any given time.

Click here to see the photos from the Spring Concert, March 2017


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