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Clear blue skies and the thrill of a fossil hunt for the boarders.


We started the day with a wonderful cooked breakfast. The atmosphere was buzzing as children knew today was the day we were going fossil hunting!

Clear blue skies and freezing cold wind did not put us off as we wrapped ourselves up in warm clothing and jumped on the minibuses departing for Charmouth. Singing all the way there there were excited exclaims as we drove over the horizon and glimpsed the sea for the first time. Arriving at Foreshore we were met by the 'Fossil Hunter' who talked us through what we would expect to find on our exploration. Three and a half hours later, weighed down with fossil shaped rocks we braved the cold and ate our lunch over looking the 250 million year old Jurassic coastline. Then, thoroughly frozen and desperate for warmth, we headed back to school for letter writing, chapel and a much needed chill out movie with pop corn.

A wonderful day, glorious sunshine, enriching scenery and a moment to pause before the start of our last week before half term.
Miss Sayles.

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