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A fantastic weekend of activities despite the weather!


Torrential driving rain was the order of the day but did we let it dent our spirits? Of course not!

After a very welcome and warming cooked breakfast, we bid farewell to those heading off to a trumpet workshop at Wells and made our way to the theatre for chapel. Mr Beverley had come over from Kings to give us food for thought (pardon the pun) during his chapel on food in the bible after which we headed back to the dining room to design and make our sandwiches for lunch.

Off we set through clouds, floods and rain etc towards Middle Wallop as we were going to the Museum of Army Flying. After parking our minibuses on an ominously damp field (more of that later!) we went in to discover a veritable minefield of information about flying in the army. Lots of helicopters and planes to have a sit in with exciting and enticing names like Gazelle, Lynx, Scout and my favourite an Allouette! There were guns to shoot, plane simulations to fly and the most atmospheric displays on the history of the Army Air Corps. Lots of the children took part very enthusiastically in a picture quiz and at lunch time Mr Robertson challenged them to find something interesting to report back to everyone when we got back to school. Soon it was time to leave but alas one of the minibuses refused to budge!  Lots of Year 8s rolled up their sleeves and with a hefty push it was free and we were on our way back to school.

After a welcome hot chocolate, letter writing was completed, prizes were awarded to the quiz winners well done Faye, Amelia and Marcus and we heard from several groups about their favourite artefact from the museum. Otis, Max and Alexina were the winners here and it was especially interesting to hear about the jeep-o-copter, half jeep, half helicopter which sadly never took off but we all agreed was a great idea.

Then some went swimming while the artists dug out their brushes, a few fancied a film in the theatre while others bounced around in the sports hall and tried out their complimentary gliders from the museum. (Well done Skye: winner of the gliding competition) and more still had a bit of ICT time.  Finally it was time for supper and the end of another busy Sunday.
Mrs Robertson. 

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