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The boarders became inquisitive at 'We The Curious' in Bristol


The boarders enjoyed a day of creation, design and investigation at 'We The Curious' in Bristol (formerly know as @Bristol Science Museum).

A mild morning and the usual delicious English breakfast to start off the last Sunday before half-term. After breakfast it was time for a bit of sandwich design. We decided to let the children choose their own fillings for a bit of variety. The most popular filling? Ham, but tuna went down well too. Jaime won the best sandwich award and Toby S the best presented!

Then it was off in the minibuses to Bristol. Such a contrast to the countryside around Hazlegrove, we all felt rather excited as we disembarked with the hustle and bustle of a big city very much in evidence. In we went to the newly named and revamped 'We The Curious', @Bristol as was, and after a brief introduction we were free to explore. And what a lot of exploring there was to do! We had fun creating holographs in the virtual reality section, danced in the light show, ground flour in the cooking area, did extensive animation based on Bristol's very own 'Wallace and Gromit', designed hovercrafts (varying degrees of success!) and much, much more. We quickly wolfed down our delicious sandwiches at lunchtime and then it was back for more investigating and exploring. It really is a super space, children of all ages were kept brilliantly entertained and we were all rather sad when it was time to depart.

Back at Hazlegrove it was time for letter writing and then we were in for a treat because Mrs Cran came in to do Chapel. She brought her guitar and we were soon singing along and listening to her message about resisting the temptation of being greedy and being thankful for what we have. Then it was time for a delicious roast supper, a little bit of free time and then time for weary heads to hit pillows ready for the last stint before half term.

What a super day, with huge thanks to the children for their enthusiasm and brilliant company.

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