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Fun from the Wild, Wild West to Chew Valley Country Farm for the boarders


How can a weekend be anything other than fantastic when it involves a Hoedown, a trip to a touch farm, a travelling Bugfest, a picnic and a scrumptious BBQ?

Saturday evening saw all the boarders attend a Hoedown in the Sports Hall (an unofficial welcome for Mr and Mrs White) – which was transformed into a scene straight out of the Wild, Wild West. The children shot laser pistols and chanced their luck on a rodeo! Line dancing was inevitable as was Achy Breaky Heart. We had a cracking time!

Click here to see photographs of the Hoedown

Sunday saw us enjoy a delicious breakfast and then the Years 3 to 6 were off to Chew Valley Country Farm. They had a lovely time and all came back with plenty of tales of touching and seeing all sorts of creatures. The seniors were back at school being treated to the BugFest – centipedes, giant snails, spiders and snakes were just a few of the critters on the menu! The children were spellbound.

Lunch saw us make our own food and walk to a nearby hill to enjoy the far-reaching views of the countryside. The afternoon was action packed – sports and cooking galore.

We ended the evening with a BBQ…albeit under cover. The children were all fantastic company and we all had a most enjoyable time together.

Click here to see the photographs in our Flickr album


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