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Boarders head for a day of fun on the beach at Weymouth


We had booked the coach a week in advance…so we were heading for the beach, no matter the weather!

After a delicious breakfast, we boarded the coach and the minibus, destined for Weymouth. We were armed with balls, bats and Frisbees. And swimming trunks…for the children of course (and the brave few adults)!

We arrived at the beach with the sun peeping through the clouds and a mile of warm sand. The children spent the next four and a half hours playing rounders, cricket, throwing Frisbees, and burying themselves.

After lunch, we headed towards the swimming area. As if by magic, the sun came out in full force and fooled the children…they were so much braver than the adults! They all enjoyed their time in the water and were rewarded for their bravery with an ice-cream – what is a trip to the seaside without an ice-cream!

We left the beach littered with sand castles and mermaids and large holes…and a little tired and a tad sun-tanned. The trip home was much quieter!

We arrived back at school with enough time for letter writing and Chapel. And then we were off to supper which was roast duck. What a splendid way to end a day.


Click here to see the photo album of the boarders on the beach at Weymouth.


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